Photo journey Bali 2017
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Join us for an amazing 13 day photographic journey to paradise – Bali!

During this incredible workshop we will focus on landscape, street and portrait photography at various destinations across the island. As a participant, you will enjoy one on one mentoring, as well as the benefits of group photographic portrait sessions and critiques, and of course some downtime to simply enjoy the beauty this location has to offer. Sign up today! Only 2 spots remaining!

Basic facts

Dates: March 11th – March 23rd 2017
Mentors: Jacquelynn Buck (US), Jan Brezina (CZE)
Group: up-to 10 clients
Accomodation: TWIN rooms ***/****
Food: breakfast included
Price: $2160 + airfare


This workshop is a mixture of nature, landscape, travel, and street photography with 3 intensive days of portrait photography built in. For those who select a more portrait-centric track, Jacquelynn will be working with them in a smaller group every day on things like lighting, posing, finding locations, the business of photography and post-processing. Essentially the entirety of what she does and how she does it broken down across the days.

During the nature and landscape days, both Jan and Jacquelynn will be lending their expertise to participants by focusing on lighting, framing, composition, and capturing the moment. This will be done in small groups and one on one, as needed. Depending on the skill level of the photographer, assistance with camera functions and how to get the most out of your camera will be addresses (please bring your camera manual with you).

With a combined 19 years of experience, Jacquelynn and Jan make an amazing team who, together, will help you elevate your photography no matter your focus or interests. Jacquelynn, a native to the US, speaks English only. Jan, a native to the Czech Republic, speaks both English and Czech fluently.



Program of photo workshop Bali 2017

Day 1 (2017/03/11) : Trip to Bali

Flight takes typically 15 – 20 hours including transfers

Day 2 (2017/03/12) : Gathering at Dempasar

We will pick-up everybody at Denpasar international airport and transfer to hotel at Sanur Beach. There will be a welcome dinner where we will introduce the whole program and it will be a great opportunity to recognize other photographers and mentors.

Day 3 (2017/03/13) : Relax at the Beach

We will enjoy hospitality of beach resort, relaxing and swimming after long trip. There will be the first photo workshop at gardens by evening.

Day 4 (2017/03/14) : Camera under control

This day will be a low key one. We will do camera setting workshops morning and evening time and relax rest of the day. There will be plenty of time for individual consultations.

Day 5 (2017/03/15) : Traditional Market

We will start the day at a traditional local market. Street markets are still a main source for all locals to purhase vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, animals, simply everything they need! The market will be a great street photography experience.There will be time together and on your own.

The afternoon will be a great time to enjoy a fabulous local massage and discuss pictures from the market. We will also have time for individual consultations with participating photographers.

Day 6 (2017/03/16) : Portrait workshop at Sanur beach

Sand beaches and green gardens are our backdrop today! This will also be our first opportunity to work more intensely on portrait photography with a local model. We will take photos in low morning light, discuss photo techniques all day and continue shooting until the evening.

There will be place for swimming too 🙂

Day 7 (2017/03/17) : Ubud town

We will transfer to Ubud, a smaller town in the center of Bali. We will visit local manufacturers – wood carving, textile and ceramics, a great location for capturing “people at work and daily life”.
We will also have an opportunity to take pictures in a monkey forest and visit a local art market. It will be mostly a street photo day.

Day 8 (2017/03/18): Coffee and rice fields and Ulun Danu Temple

Today we will continue deeper into the island where we will take landscape pictures of coffee and rice fields and visit the most famous lake temple – Ulun Danu. This will be landscape day with greenest nature you’ve ever seen.

Day 9 (2017/03/19): Batur volcano

We will start very early in the morning with a hike to the top of Batur volcano for sunrise. Imagine a blue lake, surrounded with other volcanoes and the ocean on the horizon.!
We will also visit a local thermal spa after we return from Batur and we will discuss photos from previous days.

Day 10 (2017/03/20): Tanah Lot Temple

We will spend the morning at Besakih temple, and then move across island to Tanah Lot – the most known sea temple of Bali. We will photograph sunset and night pictures here.

Day 11 (2017/03/21): Kuta beach portrait workshop

We will transfer to famous Kuta beach where there are surfers, a Hard Rock hotel and a nice sand beach. This is where the second portrait workshop will take place.

Day 12 (2017/03/22): Relax day in Bali style and portrait workshop

The last day on the island we will enjoy local hospitality, massages and the last opportunity to discuss photos and collect new skills. There will be an afternoon portrait workshop by the pool.

Day 13 (2017/03/23): Return home

Departure to airport and return home. Trip home can take one more day depending on final destination.

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